Hello world!

Im proud to present to you my LD#38 game. This is a tower defence / deck builder/ strategy city builder.

Original Ludum post - Invasion_Compo

This is my Post-Comp quick updates to fix some issues

You guys asked for sound I finally delivered. It won't be winning any awards mind you be it is very soothing (Let me Know how if you like it). I also made a Web Version of this build available enjoy!


  • Let there be sound! (Im not a musician but I gave it a go)
  • It was requested that I make the map a bit darker. So I did!
  • Changed some sprite so that with the new darker Background they can be seen clearly.
  • Web Version Ready for use

V0.2 - Ducktape & Paint

  • Fixed bug were recycling cards resulted in wrong card being removed or unable to be remove future cards. Also visual glitch when no card was removed and recycling window was re-opened.
  • Tweaked once again the tutorial for better clarity (Let me know)
  • Balance changes to enemies they fire less often but the approach planet faster they have less health bit of a nerf over all.

V0.1 - Quick and dirty

  • Fixed bug were player would get permanently stuck in building menu if world was destroyed
  • Changed tutorial to hopefully explain things much better.
  • Updated some Ui and game assets to better reflect what they are
  • Made the enemies smaller and spawn closer to the plant
  • Turrets now turn faster
  • When recycling cards you no longer have to pick one to exit recycling menu
  • Changed how Building deck handles giving cards. now when you draw a card it will removes it from the deck till all cards have been dealt and reshuffles the deck
  • Spelling errors

If you have suggestion on how to improve something I would love to hear it. I can only improve if i get the good and the ugly

Published Apr 28, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
TagsLudum Dare 38
LinksLudum Dare

Install instructions

Any feedback would be appreciated. Enjoy the game!


Invasion_LD38_Win_v0.3.zip 14 MB
Invasion_LD38_Mac_v0.3.zip 17 MB
Invasion_LD38_Linux_v0.3.zip 17 MB


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A lot of fun, a little hard but I didn't read all of the directions. I made a short let's play below, check it out.