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I Created this game as part of Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is.

The game is about trying to find your way to your loved one, One tile at a time. 

Avoid Dangers, Avoid picking too many Resources, Avoid BackTracking. 

Hints :

  • Watch the tutorial it will teach you a lot of basic mechanics  very useful for the Main game

  • If you do the in-game tutorial the top path is solvable but RNG dependent.. the bottom path is logic puzzle no RNG

  • Before your first move zoom out use the WASD to look around and study the map. Get a idea of the path you would like to Walk

  • Managing you inventory is hard. A strategic detour or dumping might be necessary

  • And Keys… Always Keys

  • Water is a bitch when you don’t have a boat. And boats wont save you from sharks… remember Jaws

Watch The Tutorial Video


No Danger Is Too Much Mac.zip 63 MB
NoDangerIsTooMuch_ WIn.zip 60 MB
NoDangerTooMuch_Linux.zip 63 MB

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